Eminence Voice Coils
Eminence Voice Coils are the finest in the world with specially formulated KaptonŽ polymide film, developed by DuPont to Eminence specifications. This material prevents excessive heat at the cone apex so thermal failure is virtually eliminated. An Eminence loudspeaker's resilience to user error or abuse is extraordinary.

Although mechanical factors enter the equation, power handling is largely determined by the voice coil diameter. Typically a large voice coil provides greater surface area for better heat dissipation (heat caused by higher currents being fed into the voice coil). Eminence produces a range of seven voice coil diameters from 1" to 4" with 1-layer "edgewound" and 2-, 4- or dual 2-layer coils. Special polyamide adhesives, together with the special KaptonŽ, mean that simply increasing voice coil size to increase power handling may not be necessary.

The spider's main purpose is to keep the voice coil aligned perfectly in the magnet gap as it moves up and down while simultaneously acting as a spring to restore the voice coil to its 'neutral' position. Spider material technology is a science of its own as high power handling (a firm spring action) may appear to conflict with sensitivity ( a delicate, responsive spring action). Whatever the suspension criteria, no lateral movement can occur.

Cones, Surrounds and Dust Caps
The cone is usually the most important contributor to the subjective 'sound' of the loudspeaker. Eminence engineers probably have more experience with the cone responses than anyone on earth. This is the area where their ears and judgement are just as useful as pure mathematics. Combinations of paper cones with paper, cloth or santoprene surrounds together with variations in weight, strength and density are available. While the dust cap principally protects the voice coil and magnet gap area, it also contributes to the 'sound'.

Eminence Baskets
The choice between pressed steel and die-cast aluminum is often perceived as a matter of cost or weight. In fact, for many applications a sturdy Eminence steel basket is adequate. However, the advantages of cast aluminum are greater rigidity, superior aesthetics and, since aluminum does not conduct the magnetic field out of the gap, the 'motor' strength is higher and the stray magnetic field lower.

The black epoxy-acrylic paint, used on every Eminence loudspeaker basket covers the entire surface of the basket including the magnetic gap and its thickness can be precisely controlled to less than one thousandth of an inch (remember that consistancy!). Electrocoat painting is economical and extremely environmentally friendly too.

The technique is far superior to zinc-plating, favored by other manufacturers, which only protects underlying steel by first corroding itself. The effect of corrosion introduces an unpredictable variable and, when no zinc remains, allows the steel to corrode.

Eminence uses three terminal types:

* 0.205" spade connectors
* gold or silver colored push-button terminals with 4mm wire holes
* a five-way, knurled finish, binding post terminal with 5mm wire holes

Use of the latest crimp-on connections avoids the environmental hazards of solder use.

Loudspeaker Groups
The Genuine Eminence loudspeaker range is grouped by nominal power handling: all Eminence Alpha models are nominally rated at 100WRMS. Eminence Beta models at 150WRMS and so on. A "pro" suffix indictaes a professional diecast aluminum basket.

Power Handling
The power handling capabilities of Eminence loudspeakers depend on many variables beyond their own physical and mechanical properties. Amplifier design, nature of the signal, cabinet volume and the crossover employed can reduce or extend the performance of the loudspeaker. Nominal power ratings are not absolute and we recommend trials with loudspeakers rated both lower and higher than anticipated.

Response Curve Calcs
Eminence response curves are measured under the following controlled test conditions:

* All speakers are tested at 1W/1m using a variety of test set-ups for the appropriate impedance.
* LMS using 0.25" supplied microphone (sofware calibrated) mounted 1m from wall/baffle.
* 2ft. square baffle is built into the wall with the speaker mounted flush against a steel ring for minimum defraction.
* Hafler P1500 Trans-Nova amplifier
* 2700 cu.ft chamber with fiberglass on all 6 sides (3 with custom-made wedges)

Customized Speakers
Make our prototype department part of your R & D team! Eminence can design completely customized louspeakers or variations to models in this on-line catalog. Eminence provides a complete manufacturing service - right down to printing and affixing labels if required - so you have to do no more than load the loudspeaker in your cabinet.

Loudspeakers may be packed individually in standard Eminence gift boxes for in-store displays. For manufacturers, the standard packing technique is compact and economical bulk-packaging on pallets.