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The Worlds #1 Loudspeaker Manufacturer

If you have listened to live music, you have almost certainly listened to Eminence. Virtually every top musical instrument and pro sound manufacturer in the world uses Eminence products.

Eminence Speaker Corporation established in 1966, has made a significant contribution to the developement of equipment for rock 'n roll, country, blues and other musical genres. Our focus on consistency, and the fullest appreciation of its importance to the people who seek to establish their own reputations for a particular 'sound' long pre-dates the modern fascination with quality. 'Eminence inside' is now true of an extraordinary proportion of the world's greatest musical equipment. True quality is highly efficient and we, with our customers, have long enjoyed the benefits. Eminence, a superior product at a lower price.

Find out how an Eminence Lousdpeaker Works. Learn about the anatomy of an Eminence Loudspeaker

DISCLAIMER: "In an effort to provide Eminence customers with the latest technology available to our industry, Central Florida Speaker reserves the right to alter the designs and specifications of the products included on this site without notice. We will make every effort to update the specifications on this site in conjunction with any revisions made to our products. Should you notice any discrepancies between this site and the latest Genuine Eminence catalog, please be assured the data presented here represents the most recent performance information for all Eminence products."