Having a ten year relationship with Central Florida Speaker repair Emmence continues to be completely pleased with our customer's reliance on them as the only authorized regional repair facility and distributor. Chris Rose, President and CEO Emmence Speakers.

Regal Cinemas would never consider anyone else except Central Florida Speaker repair for our thousands of theaters and their audio maintenance and functionality.  Neil Simcox

-We at Walt Disney World depend on Central Florida Speaker and Audio Technical Services for our speaker and amplifier repairs here at the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom consists of many divisions such as show support, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, along with downtown Disney. We are pleased with Central Florida Speaker Repair workmanship and would never consider using any one else for technical support. Dennis M.

-Central Florida Speaker has the abilities required to maintenance all of our theaters throughout the United States. We have depended on their expertise to pull us through when we have had the misfortune of unforeseen emergencies. Charlie has come through every time. Head Technician for Audio Maintenance AMC Theater Burt.

Additional Clients of Note: Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and most profession audio companies with Orlando and Central Florida region.